Indiana is home to a town where it's Christmas 24/7/365, and now you can enjoy a locally brewed cold one while visiting Santa Claus, Indiana.

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Even Santa Enjoys a Cold Pint

Santa Claus, Indiana is known for its quaint Christmas feel, and of course Holiday World! One thing it isn't known for is its locally brewed beers, but that's about to change!

Santa Claus Brewing Co

Santa Claus Brewing Co has been in the works for a few months.  Earlier this year they announced they had a location and were getting their affairs in order to start brewing some delicious craft beer.  They took to Facebook to announce that while they aren't officially open yet, they do have their permits in place and if you see their banner up outside, stop in because they'll be waiting to serve you!


Here's what Santa Claus Brewing Co said about opening on Facebook:

Friday Update
We are close to opening, folks. Our permits are all in place and we’re down to a few kitchen details. If you see our banner up that means we are open that day. Keep an eye out this weekend as we start a gradual and slow soft opening. We’ll do a big grand opening in a few weeks.
Thanks to Red Gorilla for the exterior power washing this week. The building will be getting a fresh coat of paint as well. We hope you like the new color.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to Santa Claus Brewing.
Another place to grab a locally brewed beer?   I am HERE for it! Can't wait to stop in and try it myself! Be sure to follow Santa Claus Brewing Co on Facebook so you don't miss any exciting updates.

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