Here in the Tristate, Santa Claus, Indiana is synonymous with Christmas, but one major publication may have made an oversite by placing it at the bottom of the list of 'Best Christmas Towns in the USA."

We've Got Our Tinsel in a Twist

Having grown up in the Tristate, Santa Claus, Indiana holds a special place in my holiday heart. That's why I've got my tinsel in a twist over a recent list published by House Beautiful titled "30 Best Christmas Towns in the USA for a Magical Winter Getaway."

Nobody Puts Santa Claus at the Bottom

Santa Claus is a magical little town in Southern Indiana and an incredible place to celebrate Christmas. While House Beautiful did include Santa Claus on its list of "30 Best Christmas Towns in the USA for a Magical Winter Getaway" it placed the holiday haven in the number 29 spot!  How do you put a town named after Santa Claus himself at the bottom of a list of best Christmas towns?

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Some Other Towns on the List

With places like Greenville, South Carolina, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Clifton, Ohio on the list in the first, seventh, and fourteenth spots, respectively, you can understand how I am so confused. There is no doubt these are beautiful places to visit, but how can they possibly be a better Christmas town than one that is literally named after the big guy in red?!

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Santa Claus, Indiana; Facebook

It's Christmas Year-Round in Santa Claus

House Beautiful nailed it when it described Santa Claus as having "year-round Christmas spirit," but I really feel like the town should have been much higher on the list than number 29 out of 30.

Named after Saint Nick himself, this Indiana town has year-round Christmas spirit. Of course, Santa Claus, Indiana ramps up during the actual holidays. Meet Santa, drive through a light show, stay in a lakeside cottage, and shop at the town's many Christmas-themed boutiques. - House Beautiful, 30 Best Christmas Towns in the USA for a Magical Winter Getaway

The Epitome of Christmas

Santa Claus, Indiana is the epitome of the best Christmas town! Even Good Morning America knows how magical the town is. The television show kicked off its entire Christmas series in 2022 from Santa Claus, Indiana.

Millions of Lights and More

In addition to visiting the Santa Claus Land of Lights and driving through the millions of twinkling lights, there are so many holiday-themed festivities in Santa Claus, Indiana. The annual Christmas Parade will take place on December 9th. There are multiple opportunities in the month of December to have breakfast or dinner with Santa. There is even a formal "Bourbon Ball" hosted by Beloved Farms.

Reindeer, Bell Choirs, Mrs. Claus, and More

Need more festive reasons to visit Santa Claus, Indiana? How about the annual Festival of Lights, a Christmas Bell Choir Concert, or Story Time with Mrs. Claus? You can even meet real reindeer!


Holiday Shopping 365 Days a Year

Let's not forget the shopping. Santa Claus, Indiana is home to some of the most quaint and cozy holiday-themed shops like Darlena's Holiday and Gift Shoppe, Evergreen Boutique & Christmas Shop, Santa's Toys, The Santa Claus Christmas Store, and Santa's Candy Castle.

Festive shopping experiences, holiday activities, annual events, and Christmassy lodging—the town of Santa Claus is the place to be during the holidays! ...Settle in for a cozy stay at Santa's Lakeside Cottages or Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph. Christmas shop ’til you drop at the Santa Claus Christmas Store. Experience the centuries-old tradition of roasting chestnuts on an open fire at Santa’s Candy Castle. Ooh and ahh at the fantastic light shows that illuminate the area. Cheer as the annual Santa Claus Christmas Parade makes its way through town—and catch a glimpse of Santa himself during the grand finale! -
Photo by __ drz __ on Unsplash

More Christmas Wonder Than You Can Shake a Bell At

See what I mean? How in the Silent Night did House Beautiful rank the town of Santa Claus at number 29 of 30 when it has so much Christmas wonder to offer? Maybe they just don't really get it, but for this Southern Indiana gal, Santa Claus, Indiana will always top the list of Best Christmas Towns.

Learn More About Santa Claus, Indiana

To learn more about all that Santa Claus, Indiana has to offer not just for the holidays, but all year long at or visit the town's official Facebook page. To see the full ranking of "30 Best Christmas Towns in the USA for a Magical Winter Getaway" at

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