Tis' the season to broadcast live from the most Christmassy town in America!

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Santa Claus Indiana

Here in the Tri-State, we are no strangers to the little town of Santa Claus, Indiana.  Many of us have spent a lot of summers enjoying the rides at Holiday World, and many Christmas seasons driving through the Santa Claus Land of Lights.  There's always something fun to do in Santa Claus, and this week the little Hoosier town is garnering national attention.

Santa Claus Indiana Facebook Page/Canva
Santa Claus Indiana Facebook Page/Canva

Good Morning America Heads to Santa Claus

Christmas is coming up this weekend, and to celebrate, Good Morning America kicked off its Christmas week in America's Christmas Hometown, Santa Claus.  Here is what Santa Claus Indiana had to say about Good Morning America stopping by:

Good Morning America and Will Ganss kicked off Christmas week LIVE in Santa Claus, Indiana, this morning! Thank you to the students of Nancy Hanks Elementary and Lincoln Trail Elementary, Chief Elf Mrs. Koch, and Santa himself for sharing their Christmas spirit on a very chilly morning at Santa Claus Museum & Village!

Did you happen to catch the segment?

Santa Claus, Indiana is No Stranger to National Attention

With a name like Santa Claus,  you bet the little Indiana town gets a lot of attention.  Especially around the holidays because many kids send letters to Santa Claus and they end up at the Santa Claus post office.  Here are just a couple of times recently that Santa Claus was featured on a national platform.

A year ago Good Morning America made a stop in Santa Claus.

And here's another time when CBS Sunday Morning featured Santa Claus, Indiana and dove into some really interesting history about the town.

Santa Claus, Indiana is certainly a special place, and we are proud to have it in the Tri-State! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to head up to the Christmas store for some fudge!


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