Well, don’t expect to hear about Roseanne Barr receiving any large contributions from billionaires looking to support her Roseanne for President 2012 campaign anytime soon.

That is because the actress, comedian and now political mudslinger on the Peace and Freedom presidential ticket has been back on her Twitter account, this time lashing out against billionaires, accusing all of them of being “violent pedophiles…consumers of violent pedo porn” and “heartless cruel empty coke addicts.”

In the same rant, Barr also took the liberty to go for the throats of Democrats, Republicans and the American people by saying both political parties are against fairness just before adding that the citizens of the United States are all “brainwashed” and “ignorant.”

In what appears to be a drunken exhibition of late night poli-tweeting, Barr wrote, “[A]mericans are so brainwashed they have no idea what socialism is & yet it’s the solution2 ruin by banksters! [N]o wonder they’re kept ignorant.”

Barr originally entered the race for the Green Party nomination, but lost out to Dr. Jill Stein.


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