Music has the power to move people. It also has the power to move them to action. For generations, artists have infused bitter experiences of discrimination, abuse and war into their songs, from Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” to Pussy Riot’s “Putin Will Teach You How To Love.” All genres have their socio-political anthems that ring through time, but it’s especially common in rock and metal music.

The horrible reality is that we live in a world where there are always multiple human rights atrocities taking place at the same time, as well as affronts to the wellbeing of the human civilization and the resources our planet offers to sustain the survival of human and animal species.

Music, at the same time, has always been one of the primary artistic vessels for trying to affect chance and to bring awareness to a multitude of issues and injustices. Anyone saying that musicians should stay out of politics simply hasn't paid close enough attention for more than half a century, as music (including rock and metal) has been a way for artists to use their platform perceive to be socially and politically meaningful and relevant.

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Here are 20 Rock and Metal Songs With Social Messages that confront these and other monumental injustices in America and abroad.

Rock + Metal Songs With Social Messages

Music has the power to move people. It also has the power to move them to action.

Gallery Credit: Taylor Markarian

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