Rock Fest is back for another year, and organizers have just revealed the lineup for the annual Wisconsin pilgrimage for rock fans. Disturbed, Evanescence and Shinedown sit atop the festival's lineup, with over 70 acts set to play across four nights in Cadott, Wisconsin this July.

The festival will take place Wednesday, July 13-Saturday, July 16 in Cadott, Wisconsin, with over 7,000 campsites available as well for those who wish to partake in the experience.

The fun starts Wednesday evening with a bonus bash for 3-day ticket holder arriving early with veteran acts such as Firehouse, Lita Ford, Warrant, Otherwise and Islander among the performers. But the festival gets underway in earnest on Thursday where Disturbed will serve as headliners on a day that includes Lamb of God, Theory, Hatebreed, Ayron Jones, Avatar, Spiritbox, Nita Strauss, Ded and more.

The Friday bill is frontlined by Evanescence with Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Black Veil Brides, Nothing More, Escape the Fate, John 5, Butcher Babies and more set to play. Shinedown get closing honors on Saturday after sets from Mudvayne, Skillet, Motionless in White, Jelly Roll, Starset, Shaman's Harvest, From Ashes to New, All Good Things and The Warning among others.

See the full lineup, set times and daily breakdown listed below:

Wednesday, July 13

Who's on Top Stage

11:30PM - Warrant
9:45PM - Lita Ford
8:15PM - Firehouse
6:45PM - Paralandra

Budweiser's Boneyard Stage
9:45PM - Otherwise
8:15PM - Islander
6:45PM - Saint Laveau

Thursday, July 14

Main Stage
11PM - Disturbed
8:30PM - Lamb of God
6:20PM - Theory
4:10PM - Hatebreed
2:30PM - Ayron Jones
12:50PM - Fire From the Gods

Loud & Local Stage
9:50PM - The Issue
7:25PM - The Issue
5:15PM - The Issue
3:20PM - VIA
1:40PM - VIA
12:15PM - VIA

Jack's Tribute Stage
9:50PM - Peace of Mind
7:25PM - Peace of Mind
5:15PM - Peace of Mind
3:20PM - Rebel Queens
1:40PM - Rebel Queens
12:15PM - Rebel Queens

Who's on Top Stage
12:55AM - Unkle Daddy
9:50PM - Avatar
7:25PM - Spiritbox
5:15PM - Nita Strauss
3:20PM - Ded
1:40PM - Wildstreet
12:15PM - The Midnight Devils

Budweiser's Boneyard Stage
12:55AM - NonGrata
9:50PM - NonGrata
7:25PM - Half Heard Voices
5:15PM - Half Heard Voices
3:20PM - Sellies
1:40PM - Sellies
12:15PM - Sellies

Friday, July 15

Main Stage
11PM - Evanescence
8:30PM - Halestorm
6:20PM - The Pretty Reckless
4:10PM - Black Veil Brides
2:30PM - Butcher Babies
12:50PM - Volumes
11:30AM - Plague of Stars

Loud & Local Stage
9:50PM - Motherwind
7:25PM - Motherwind
5:15PM - Motherwind
3:20PM - Ignescent
1:40PM - Ignescent
12:15PM - Ignescent

Jack's Tribute Stage
9:50PM - Fresh Fighters
7:25PM - Fresh Fighters
5:15PM - Fresh Fighters
3:20PM - Sabbath Unleashed
1:40PM - Sabbath Unleashed
12:15PM - Sabbath Unleashed

Who's on Top Stage
12:55AM - Spiritdriven
12:55AM - Fingertrick
9:50PM - Nothing More
7:25PM - Escape the Fate
5:15PM - John 5
3:20PM - Rachel Lorin
1:40PM - Streetlight Circus

Budweiser's Boneyard Stage
12:55AM - Lydia Can't Breathe
9:50PM - Ratchet Dolls
7:25PM - Ratchet Dolls
5:15PM - Once Around
3:20PM - Once Around
1:40PM - The Other LA
12:15PM - The Other LA

Saturday, July 16

Main Stage
11PM - Shinedown
8:30PM - Mudvayne
6:20PM - Jelly Roll
4:10PM - Starset
2:30PM - Shaman's Harvest
12:50PM - The Warning
11:30AM - Eaon

Loud & Local Stage
9:50PM - Imperial Fall
7:25PM - Imperial Fall
5:15PM - Imperial Fall
3:20PM - Lake Effect
1:40PM - Lake Effect
12:15PM - Lake Effect

Jack's Tribute Stage
9:50PM - 10,000 Days
7:25PM - 10,000 Days
5:15PM - 10,000 Days
3:20PM - Cowboys From Hell
1:40PM - Cowboys From Hell
12:15PM - Cowboys From Hell

Who's on Top Stage
9:50PM - Skillet
7:25PM - Motionless in White
5:15PM - From Ashes to New
3:20PM - All Good Things
1:40PM - Divide the Fall
12:15PM - The Rumours

Budweiser's Boneyard Stage
12:55AM - Dreams Aside
9:50PM - Dreams Aside
7:25PM - Velvet Chains
5:15PM - Velvet Chains
3:20PM - Crashing Atlas
1:40PM - Crashing Atlas
12:15PM - Crashing Atlas

Tickets for the 2022 edition of Rock Fest are now available with a variety of VIP and camping options. Head to the Rock Fest website for additional fest information and get your tickets for the 2022 Rock Fest right here.

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