You may remember a few years ago when Rob Zombie came to Evansville on the Twins of Evil tour. It was one epic 103 GBF Damn Loud Rock Show and during that show, Rob Zombie brought an Evansville girl up onto the stage so she could have a better view. The next week, we brought her into the GBF studio to chat with Melissa Awesome live on air.

Her name is Lola and she, along with her parents, Megan & Lucas are big fans of Rob Zombie, and Megan as it turns out is quite a crafty artist. She makes all kinds of things with her business Stitched from the Crypt and she had made a special Rob Zombie doll. It was Lola and Lucas's job to get that doll to Rob Zombie during the show at Ford Center back in July of 2019 and that is how Lola ended up on the stage watching the show. (Read more about that here.)

Well, Lola is such a Rob Zombie Super Fan that not only has she seen him multiple times in concert but in 2019, she actually dressed up as him for Halloween, complete with her own stage and microphone - and let me just tell you now, it was E-P-I-C! In fact, it was so epic that when Megan re-shared the video recounting the memory of Lola dressed up as Rob Zombie to her Instagram, he reshared it!

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Rob Zombie shared the video of Lola dressed as him for Halloween saying,

This might be the costume of the year! 🎃 what do you think? I think I have my replacement when I retire.

Now clearly, we all already knew just how cool Lola and her love of rock music and skateboards is but now the whole world knows. No doubt that Megan and Lucas are raising Lola right and maybe one day she will have a career carrying on Zombie's legacy in rock music.

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