The Twins of Evil show on Sunday was a little extra special for one Evansville dad and his daughter! Now dad is asking if anyone has footage of this special moment. 

Lola watching on as John 5 plays (photo by Lucas Smith)

Rob Zombie absolutely ROCKED the Ford Center on Sunday night! It was a jam

Lucas and Lola before the show (Photo: Lucas Smith)

packed house that showed rock and roll is alive and well in Evansville! One young girl had a really sweet moment on stage during Rob Zombie's guitarist (who is a legend in his own right) John 5's solo, and now her dad is asking for anyone who was at the show who may have gotten video of the sweet moment to please send it to him.

The Rob Zombie doll (Photo by Lucas Smith)

Lucas and his daughter Lola were enjoying the Twins of Evil Sunday night, but they had one big goal. Lucas' wife makes plush dolls, and she made a plush doll of Rob Zombie.  Lola wanted to give her favorite rocker the doll so he could have something from her.  What happened next was pretty incredible, but I'll let Lucas tell you in his own words:

My wife makes plush dolls and my daughter has/had a rob doll she made since last year. We saw the twins tour last year in St. Louis and Lola my daughter took it there just in case we got close enough she was going to try to give it to him, no luck on that one. This time we were on the floor and when rob ran by Lola held doll out and was waving it. Rob touched it and she was freaking out. Minutes later a guy came up and told us he was robs stage manger and rob would really love to have the doll if she would let him we gave him the doll, he came back with some guitar picks, I told him this is the 3rd time she’s seen rob he said come with me. Then there we were on the side and Lola was on the speaker. 5 played in front of her, rob said to her sing it little girl. It was definitely a once in a lifetime crazy thing!!!

How awesome is that?!  I asked him if he happened to grab any video he said that he only took a couple photos, because he wanted to live the moment with his daughter and not be distracted which I cannot blame him for that one bit, but now he's regretting not taking at least a small clip to remember the moment!

I was so star struck and enjoying the moment I didn’t want to ruin by just watching through my phone but now I regret not having it on video so we could definitely relive the experience.

So now Lucas is asking that if you were at the show on Sunday, if you happened to take video and got any of these special interactions caught on video he'd love to have them so he can relive the moment with Lola. He said during 'Helter Skelter' Lola was on stage sitting on the speaker. John 5 was playing right by her, on the left side of the stage.  If you happen to have this on video, shoot us a message on the 103GBF Facebook page, and we'll get you in contact with Lucas.

Stitched From the Crypt is the name of Lucas' wife's shop that made the Rob Zombie doll, she had this cool post talking about her daughter's special moment when she got to give Rob his doll: