Pearson's Rivertown Butcher Shop in Newburgh posted a heartfelt message to their customers.

After serving the community for over two decades Pearson's Rivertown Butcher Shop will soon be closing their doors.  On  Facebook they posted a heartfelt message from their owner to their loyal customers, where they stated they will be closing their doors on September 19th, 2020.

Here's what that message said:

For anyone who is not aware I am semi retiring and selling my Butcher Shop.... My last day of business will be Saturday, September 19.... I will be posting pictures throughout my last six weeks of some of the great moments we've had at my Butcher Shop in the last 20 years... I have had a great run... I have met a lot of great Friends... I didn't realize how emotional this was going to be because of all the great response I've had from my awesome customers and how sad they are to see us leave... I just want to thank everyone for supporting this small business and helping me raise an awesome family... Thank you so much and I'm going to miss you all... Randy

When reading through the comments there was one from Randy Pearson himself saying that they are hoping to sell so the business can carry on, but that there hasn't been anything set in stone yet.

My husband is a big fan of grilling and smoking meat, so we're no strangers to Rivertown Buther shop in our home. What got me was the love for the community. In fact we went recently right after the shut downs when meat prices were crazy high, and there was a giant hand written sign from Randy himself that apologized for the high prices, and said he was doing his best to keep them as affordable as possible.  I thought that really showed the level of care this business has for their customers.

I wish the Pearson family the best of luck on their next adventure!

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