A Robertson County, Tennessee couple is desperately searching for their beloved African Sulcata tortoise, Jude, who went missing from his enclosure on Gideon Road in Greenbrier, located about 25 miles north of Nashville. Jude, now 12 years old and weighing a hefty 45 pounds, has been a cherished member of their family since he was just a hatchling.

A Tennessee Couple Has Gone to Great Lengths to Find Their Beloved Tortoise

Austin Hadlock and his partner have gone to great lengths to locate Jude, including enlisting the help of their neighbors, posting on social media platforms, and distributing flyers throughout the area. They have even considered employing bloodhounds to aid in the search. The couple is so determined to find their beloved pet that they are offering a cash reward to anyone who can bring Jude back home.

Tortoises Have a Tendency to Wander

According to Hadlock, tortoises like Jude have a natural inclination for wandering off. This is not the first time Jude has ventured out on his own, but Hadlock is concerned that Jude may be in danger this time. He says tortoises are skilled escape artists and have an uncanny ability to hide and burrow. However, most stories of escaped tortoises typically involve them staying within a mile radius of their home, which gives the couple hope that Jude is still nearby.

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Tortoises Are Not Aquatic

One crucial factor to consider is that tortoises, including Jude, are not aquatic creatures and cannot survive in water. Jude's preferred diet consists of grass, which leads Hadlock to believe that the tortoise might be grazing in a nearby field.

Photo by Luca Ambrosi on Unsplash

Tortoises Can Live 70 - 100 Years

Tortoises are known for their impressive longevity, and Jude, at the age of 12, is still relatively young. African Sulcata tortoises have an average life expectancy of around 70 to 100 years, so there is a strong desire to find Jude and ensure his well-being for many years to come.

Cash Reward for Missing Tennessee Tortoise

If anyone has any information or spots Jude, they are urged to contact the Hadlocks immediately at 512-653-5689 or 830-708-2702. The couple is anxiously awaiting Jude's safe return, and they remain hopeful that their beloved tortoise will be found and brought back home soon.

[Source: WKRN]

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