The whole world is abuzz about the recent change that hit the news of International House of Pancakes or IHOP for short, changing it's name to IHOB. They finally revealed what the B stands for - Burgers. While I'm not sure if International House of Burgers is a permanent change or some attempt at a clever marketing strategy - the entire world is talking about, including some of the leading brands in the restaurant and snack industry. Check out some of the tweets in response to the name change:

Burger King got in on the action by changing their name and image on Twitter to "Pancake King"


Denny's thinks we'll be talking about the "Burger Wars" for years to come:


Church's Chicken suggested they add another B:


Whataburger says they won't be changing their name:


Chili's is throwing shade:



Red Robin threw a jab:


Even Little Debbie got in on it:


Hostess didn't skip a beat:


TGI Friday's extended an invitation:


Steak-umm wants to change their name too:


And then Wendy's brought allllllll the sass:


And then MoonPie congratulated Wendy's on the barb:

and confirmed they won't be changing a thing:


But Pop-Tarts just isn't amused:


Even White Castle poked some fun:


Jimmy John's was "Freaky Fast" with their jokes:


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