Evansville 411 News shared information about a 'new' Wendy's restaurant coming to the far north side of town. It will be located at 12821 US 41 North, near the intersection of Highway 41 and Boonville-New Harmony Rd. Calling the restaurant 'new' might be a little misleading, so let me explain. There is already a Wendy's in that area, but that location will close and essentially re-open in this new location.

According to the Evansville 411 News Facebook post,

Wendy's has started to submit documentation to the state to build a new restaurant in the Darmstadt Crossing development. Wendy's is now planning to move forward with the project, which is tentatively slated to open later this year. The location at Chase Plaza is scheduled to close once the new location is open.

It should come as no surprise that the post quickly received dozens of comments - some in support of the move, some kind of neutral, and some disapproving of the announcement.

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Thanks, But No Thanks

  • "It is currently in a bad location, but not sure a new location is going to help them staff it any better."
  • "Anything but another burger joint, Mexican or pizza. Be nice if a real restaurant came in that actually served a meal. Not burgers and fries."
  • "Good Luck with that, they can't keep the one going on Burkhardt or Lincoln as it is."
  • "Of all of the possible food choices to open, Wendy's wouldn't be in my top 100."

Sounds Good to Me

  • "We will take anything out here.!!!! Thank you Darmstadt!!"
  • "I love Wendy's food"

Other Suggestions

  • "Say it with me, North Siders...'Should have been a Donut Bank!'"
  • "Can we get a freaking gas station in this area?!"
  • "What, no Joe's Crab Shack or Cheese Cake Factory!"
  • "Yelling it so the people in the back can hear it: Chick Fil A, Chick Fil A,Chick Fil A!!!!"

What do you think? Do we need another fast food restaurant (in that or any area of town)? And if not Wendy's, then what should open up in that part of Evansville?

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