Los Alfaro's Restaurant is officially open in Evansville! 


You may remember the name Los Alfaro's, because it was open in Evansville in 2011. A few years later, and a brand new location they're now officially re-opened in a new location on Evansville's East Side 1021 S. Weinbach Avenue.

Los Alfaro's owners Pedro and Teresa, have a passion for Evansville, and are committed to helping Evansville grow. One of the ways is by giving the community the chance to explore Latin cuisine.

Teresa and Pedro Alfaro raised their family in Evansville, Indiana since 1999. They love Evansville and are committed to the growth of their city. Together, they aspire to provide an opportunity for the Evansville community to explore Latin America through food while giving the Latinx community the chance to remember their heritage. Truly, their goal is to make a difference one belly full at a time. If you ask about Teresa's secret ingredients, you can bet she will give you the warmest smile and say "it's love!"

Their menu boasts everything from Venezuelan arepas, to Salvi-Mex tacos, to Teresa's chicken a la cream, and a ton more.  I realized through looking at there menu that I have personally never tried many Latin dishes before, so I'm definitely looking forward to have the opportunity to try something new.

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