Now, you're probably thinking...Why would you want to remind us about 'Carole Baskin' or anything related to the Netflix series 'Tiger King'. I'm basically trying to talk myself out of watching part 2!

Just hearing about Joe Exotic takes me back to a time when we were obsessed with this strange 'Animal' lifestyle. You have to admit that it was a nice distraction at the time.

We really only had one kind of COVID (I'm pretty sure), and we couldn't go anywhere because there was no vaccine available. Just writing this makes me feel like it was years ago, but it hasn't even been two years yet!

April 8, 2020

Photo: Emily Grey
Photo: Emily Grey

Well, it's definitely a sign of the times. So many of us have a lot more time on our hands with social distancing, working from home, and obeying the travel watch. This Evansville resident made good use of their time first, by binging 'Tiger King' on Netflix, and second, by making this decorative yard sign.

I pass through this neighborhood when I pick up my son from school, and I wonder if the sign still exists somewhere. I could always stop and ask Timothy Burklow Jr. he created the sign and called into the show after we talked about it.

Timothy told us that he wanted to create a fun distraction in his neighborhood, like the happy birthday yard signs, but different. Since he's a huge fan of the Netflix series 'Tiger King', he decided to dedicate a giant sign in his yard to the show.

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