You have to feel sorry for Referees. Its the most thankless job out there. Your task is to make sure everyone follows the rules. And that doesn't always sit well with participants. Plus, you sometimes have to dress like a Foot Locker employee.

Referee Manfred Küchle learned the hard way that not everyone appreciates the ref. Küchle had to stop a WBO fight after it was discover that one of the boxers had head-butted the other, which is against the rules.

Boxer Khoren Gevor was disqualified for the act. However that did not sit well with the Armenian-German boxer. Gevor then went on to attack the ref as seen in the video below.

The only question I have, is the audience cheering cause the ref is being wailed on, or because of the quick response by the security guards? If its the first one, that makes the ass-kicking even worse.

(Asylum UK)