Saturday night was a big night in Downtown Evansville complete with sound, light and even pyrotechnics as 30 local first responders representing Team Guns and Team Hoses took to the boxing ring.

Guns & Hoses XIII was a landmark event for a number of reasons. First, this year was the tie-breaker to determine which team was going to come out the victor. They were tied prior to Saturday night's event with 6 event wins each.

Not only was this a tie-breaking year, but two of the fighters in this year's event have fought in every single Guns & Hoses event - all thirteen of them! There were also a record number of female fights at Guns & Hoses XIII with eight women boxing in four matches, including Fight 13 between Evansville Police Officer Taylor Merris and Evansville Fightfighter Paige Jones.

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The fighters have been training for months and Saturday night was the culmination of all of their hard work - both in and out of the gym. Not to mention the work of countless volunteers who have invested more time and energy than we could even begin to imagine to help ensure Saturday night's event went off without a hitch. From safely getting vehicles out to the floor to ensuring the boxers were ready to go when it was time to go down the ramp, the action behind the scenes was just as labor-intensive as what we saw in the ring.

Of course, at the end of the night, the real winners are the countless charitable organizations that benefit from this event and that list is a long one! Keep scrolling to learn more and to see photos from Guns & Hoses XIII.

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