For the love of everything pumpkin and scary, could COVID please stay away from Halloween! I mean, it is the holiday that everyone can wear a mask without complaining about it. Hey, maybe if we offer candy, people would stop complaining about them...

Anyway, one store is going to make sure we have the costume supplies we need, even if we have to trick or treat in our own house. Personally, I love to browse Halloween costumes any time of the year, but I'm a little quirky. Spirit Halloween plans to open their retail store in Evansville on August 20, 2020.

Spirit Halloween_Liberty 2
Spirit Halloween_Liberty 2

It will be in the Target Pavilion, in the old Baby's R Us building. We stopped in there a few times last year, because they had a really cool mini haunted house to go through. That might not be the case this year, as I'm sure there will be coronavirus precautions in place.

There has been a very scary rumor that the Spirit Halloween stores would not be opening this year, but thankfully, they set the record straight on social media.

Dear Halloween Fans,

We heard you're crushed, disheartened, and downright sad. Well, don't worry, the rumors aren't true.


We are safely preparing the best in-store experience possible and can't wait to welcome you back at our 1,400 locations Nationwide - popping up this August! It's been a challenging year, but we promise to keep the Halloween spirit alive.

Come early, come often and help make this year the #BestHalloweenEver.

Could we just 'Snap' and make COVID go away?
Could we just 'Snap' and make COVID go away?
Target Center
6501 E Lloyd Expy
Evansville, IN 47715
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