Remember that rat back in the 2000s that became a great chef in Paris? Yeah, it was a Pixar movie, but what a great story. Ratatouille is a highly underrated Disney movie, in my opinion. But we ARE talking about a company that knows a thing or two about rodents, if you know what I mean.

The Indiana Rat That Paints

So, Disney, where's the one about the rat who excels at painting and showcases his work in Indiana? Yeah, that's not a thing, but it COULD be. Maybe Remy (the rat from Ratatouille) has a cousin who paints here in the States and is trying to work his way up to a world-renowned Paris gallery.

I can totally see it. Until then, we'll have to settle for seeing the artwork of the rat in question. His name is Nicholas, and he is one busy little painter.

Indiana Painter -- Nicholas the Rat -- Uses His Talents for Good

As you can see, Nicholas uses his powers for good, as his work was recently auctioned off for a fundraiser for The Pipsqueakery, a small animal sanctuary and rescue in Bloomington IN. And just check out the very impressive piece that was sold:

And, as was pointed out in the post, there's still paint on his tail. Well, there's paint all over his face in that top image. Nicholas apparently leaves no stone unturned and puts his whole body into his work. And he does it for a great cause.

The Pipsqueakery in Bloomington IN

We write a great deal about the needs of our local animal shelters, and for a very good reason. But those stories are mostly about dogs and cats. What about our even smaller furry friends like rabbits, hamsters, and other tiny creatures that are common pets. That's where The Pipsqueakery comes in, and the service it provides is reflected in its mission statement:

We provide care for medically and behaviorally needy rodents, rabbits and other small animals, educate the public on their care, and find forever homes and rescue placement for healthy adoptable animals.

According to, the organization has saved more than 1,000 furry little friends in the seven-plus years it has been serving central and southern Indiana.

And some of these creatures are no spring chickens...literally AND figuratively. Check out Alex the groundhog, for example, who just turned 34:

And while Alex enjoys that banana, and the good folks at The Pipsqueakery continue doing their wonderful work, we'll wait for Nicholas' next masterpiece.

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