NSFW, is internet lingo meaning 'Not Safe At Work'. So its probably not a good idea to turn the speakers up and blast this in the middle of the office. Unless you work in our office. We had a group viewing of Cake Farts (Google that one for yourself, cause I'm sure posting a picture of Martha Stewart drinking a 40 was pushing the envelope. WARNING Cake Farts VERY NSFW.)

But aside from the emotional scarring I received as an intern, I hate going to the movie theater. No one knows how to shut up and be quiet during a movie. People whisper, people eat loudly, people crinkle their wrappers because they're trying too hard to keep it quiet. Then there are the bastards on their cell phones.

See what one Texas theater did after a customer left an angry voicemail, about being kicked out of the theater. What would you like to say to rude people in the theater? Leave responses below, and keep it sort of clean. You got grandma on Facebook now!

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