Update 3:21PM: Franky has been found and returned to her owner!

Have you seen this dog? She answers to Franky and she was stolen on Plank Road in Newburgh. According to a Facebook post from Terri Lee Morrison Hurst, Franky belongs to her son, Dustin, and was snatched out of the yard by someone driving a light blue mini van. Ask you can imagine, Terri and her son, Dustin - retired veteran - would really like to get Franky back home. If you have any information about the light blue mini van or Franky's whereabouts, please contact Dustin at 812-708-2090. According to another post from Dustin's sister, Franky is about 10 weeks old and is supposed to be Dustin's new service animal. The can has been described as a light blue Dodge or Chrysler "about 5 years old or so" with Indiana license plates. She was taken approximately 10:30am on Friday, September 27, 2019.



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