When Jason Chidgey found a long time customer of his pub dead in the restroom on a Friday afternoon, he had a decision to make.

Call the police, have them carry out an investigation, and be the subject of a few news stories; or you could hide the body till Tuesday so you don't hurt the weekend business.

Take a wild guess what Chidgey did?

Rather than letting the death of a customer ruin his weekend, Chidgey hid the body of the his customer in an upstairs room. He feared that police investigation would shut down his pub for awhile, so enlisted the help of an employee to move the body.

Business continued for the next couple of days, and Chidgey made plans to have the body 'discovered' on Tuesday. Well after the last barfly has cleared out from the weekend. No one knew about Chidgey's plan until his employee spoke up.

The employee went to police after having nightmares about the dead customer. I guess if there was a body somewhere in THIS building, I would have to be creeped out myself. Chidgey was busted by police and served 15 months for not reporting his dead customer.

Although if they're going to make a room for your dead body, they must have really valued his business.

(Daily Mail)