Psychosexual, the theatrical and extremely horny band from former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, has rebooted itself for a second time. Now known as Psycho Synner, the group has removed almost all of its past music from the Internet while announcing a staggering NINE new albums.

The band now known as Psycho Synner erased all traces of their heavily criticized debut album, Torch the Faith in early 2021. The band returned with a handful of new songs including “Devil From Hell” and “Unholy,” which remain the only two tracks along with the newly released “On Your Grave” available for streaming.

The video for “On Your Grave” features two mixed martial artists fighting each other between footage of Psycho Synner performing their newest track. As for the track itself, it’s a radio rock cut with an upbeat tempo and motivational lyrics. Check it out below.

Jeremy Spencer has also changed the name of his Devil Daddy character to Grym Synner.

"I chose [the name Psychosexual] because the song's lyrics were primarily sex-oriented," Spencer explains. "So, when I formed a new rock band, I kept that name. However, once the new music became guitar-centric, it took on a more sinister style--less about sex and partying.”

"Psycho Synner is a perfect fit for the band's heavier musical profile," Spencer adds. "And, as a result, I've chosen the character name, Grym Synner. The upcoming simultaneous release of nine albums is not only revolutionary in itself, but each one perfectly encapsulates the band's changing musical landscape. Something for everyone!  And, I mean that in the best sense. Hardcore rockers and heavy metal fans will find exactly what they like and who we've come to be."

Psycho Synner’s upcoming nine studio albums will total 90 songs, while a 2022 tour is in the works.

Psycho Synner, "On Your Grave" (Official Video)

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