Former Five Finger Death Punch members Jeremy Spencer and Jason Hook recently collaborated on an EP of cover songs, and FFDP singer Ivan Moody has taken the partnership as a challenge. At least that's what one would glean from the vocalist's video from Sunday (Nov. 29) that's captioned, "Challenge Accepted."

In the clip, Moody explains how he came to be aware of his former bandmates' collab. He also talks about it sharpening his focus for Five Finger Death Punch's next effort.

The team-up he responded to is a collection of cover tunes, Songs To Stalk You By, released last week (Nov. 27) by Spencer's post-FFDP outfit Psychosexual. (The drummer fronts the outfit under a persona known as "Devil Daddy.") On the new six-song EP, Hook contributes guitar solos to a pair of tracks.

The collaboration was enough to grab Moody's attention. Watch his response down toward the bottom of this post.

"As I'm driving home, my phone kept blowing up," the singer says in the video. "So I pulled over to check it. And I got, like, a hundred different news feeds. And they all read something… I thought it was a joke at first, but it's very real. And it read: 'Jason Hook joins forces with Jeremy Spencer.'"

Moody continues, "Now, I could take this one of two ways. I could take this as a spit in the face, saying that you're going to do bigger and better. And the quote I heard was — and forgive me if I'm wrong on this — was that someone said the sex appeal has left Five Finger Death Punch. Sound familiar?"

The singer did congratulate the pair as he explained that they had been looking to collaborate in the past on something else. But while the frontman encourages Spencer and Hook to "write the greatest fucking album you can muster," he also says, "Challenge accepted. I'll be your huckleberry. Because as of today, I am personally gonna make sure that this new Death Punch album is like nothing you've ever fucking heard before."

Moody's reaction presupposed quite a bit. There's no indication that Hook has joined Psychosexual permanently or that the pair of former Death Punchers plan on recording an album of original material together.

Spencer stepped down as Five Finger Death Punch's drummer back in December 2018. Hook, the guitarist whose exit from the band was shrouded in mystery for a portion of this year, was officially confirmed by the group to no longer be an active band member last month.

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