The second year for Aurora’s project to raise awareness and needed funds to prevent and end homelessness wrapped up on Saturday. Community leaders and volunteers stepped up to live on Evansville's streets, raising awareness and funds for Aurora Evansville.


What is the 48 Hours in the Life 2.0 Experiment?

The Homeless Experience Project's purpose is to bring a greater understanding of the struggles that families and individuals face when homeless in our community.

Evansville Police Department Special Projects Coordinator Taylor Merriss

"Aurora's 48 hours Homeless Experience Project has come to an end. While I am truly grateful for the experience, I have gained an even greater appreciation for my possessions, the bills I’m able to pay, my health, the freedom of movement, my support system, and numerous other tangible/non-tangible things. ‘Things’ that a lot of us tend to lose sight of when going about living our normal lives.

This is the most I’ve been able to raise ($3,444.50, WOW!!) for a nonprofit throughout all the endeavors that I’ve signed up for; this wouldn’t have been possible without you that followed along and donated. Outside of monetary donations, I know how I intend to effect change in our community and for those experiencing homelessness.
Thank you again to everyone who not only follows along on my journeys and nonprofit fundraising endeavors but also in supporting me and listening to me as an advocate for things that I am passionate about!
t. merriss
t. merriss

Bobbie Ann McGrew - Spreading Kindness with Sophie

In addition to closely following Taylor's journey, I also followed along with Bobbie Ann's experience. As you can see in her final video, it was a very emotional 48 hours. This is what so many people are experiencing for real every day in Evansville.

"Although I thought I prepared myself mentally I didn’t expect for certain situations or prepare for lack of certain resources that now today after the 48 hours have me trying to figure out ways we can help. I actually used a plastic fork to brush my hair. Then the second night I didn’t have anything so it was a mess. The lack of feminine items donated and the lack of female resources are huge."

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Aurora Evansville Stats

  • Each year, Aurora serves 250 homeless children
  • 40% of the clients are women
  • 80% of homeless women are fleeing a physically or sexually abusive situation
  • 40% of those on the street struggle with mental health issues

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