There is something inherently creepy about an old abandon house but once you move past the creepiness, they can be really fascinating. So fascinating that one man who describes himself as an "Urban Explorer" travels and takes photos of them.

Bryan Sansivero is a photographer and filmmaker from New York who has shared his work on Instagram @St.Severus and on Facebook in groups like Abandoned Homes America. The latter is how I became familiar with Sansivero's work. The moment that I saw the house, located in the Catskills of New York, I knew that I had to share them with you. Sansivero says there's not much known about the previous residents of the home he calls "The Hunter's House" and he describes it as being,

set far back deep in the woods. Upon entering we discovered taxidermy rugs and antique furniture, as well as vintage medical equipment in a bedroom. Some bedrooms looked more modern, but all as if the family just left one day and never came back.

From the overgrown lawn and downed tree out front to the peeling green paint and flaking plaster inside, along with the abandoned medical gear, it all tells a story if - only we are able to translate it. Who lived here before? Why did they leave and why in such a hurry as to leave everything behind? We may never know the answers, but we can certainly spend some time speculating as we look through the images captured through Sansivero's lens.

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The Hunter's House - An Abandoned Home In The Catskills


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