Did you know that you can tell how bad winter will be by looking at a persimmon seed, according to weather folklore?

Winter Weather Folklore

We have all heard different kinds of folklore in our life. Especially living in the Evansville area. Growing up, I heard a lot from my mom and grandparents. One in particular that I remember was in regards to how bad of winters we will have based on Wolly Worms. If you spot a Wolly Worm that is all black, blonde, or even white, that means a harsh and severe winter is in store. According to a recent sighting of a Wolly Worm in Leslie Morgan's yard, we might have a pretty rough winter ahead.

However, I recently learned about another winter weather folklore that I never heard of before. Apparently, it is a widely known thing that no one ever told me about until the other day. This piece of folklore involves a persimmon seed.

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How To Predict Winter Weather From A Persimmon Seed

For those who don't know, persimmon is a small orange fruit that grows on trees. It's often used for jellies, jam, wine, and more.


Now that we have cleared that up, apparently, you can tell what kind of winter you will experience by cutting one in half. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, here is what you need to do:

  1. Find a locally grown persimmon. (You want a local one so that the outcome will reflect local weather conditions).
  2. Wait to pick the fruit or cut into the fruit until after it gets a bit soft—almost mushy.
  3. Cut open the persimmon and then cut the seed in half.

The shape inside of the seed will tell you everything you need to know about what kind of winter weather you will have.

Spoon-Shaped Seed

A spoon shape found inside of a persimmon seed means that you should get a shovel ready because you are in for a pretty snowy winter.

Fork-Shaped Seed

If you find a fork shape in the persimmon seed, you can expect a mild winter with powdery, light snow.

Knife-Shaped Seed

A knife shape inside of the seed sounds like the worst of them all. It means that you can expect frigid winds that will “cut” like a blade.

What Does The Persimmon Say About Winter In The Evansville Area 2021?

One of my co-worker's grandma in Carmi, Illinois shared the photo below with the caption:

Our friend, Bob, sent us his Farmer's Almanac predictions for this winter. Six seeds, six spoons. Get those shovels ready!

Bobby Ungethiem

If these seeds tell us anything, it looks like we will have plenty of snow in the Evansville area this winter. However, to me, it appears that the seed on the far right looks like a knife. This means that on top of all of that snow, we could have some frigid winds this winter too.

Either way, get your snow shovels and bundle up because the Wolly Worms and persimmons say that we are in store for quite the winter in the Evansville area!

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