Much of the Tri-State is under a freeze warning tonight, so you may want to cover your plants!

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Freeze Warning

October is here, and while many of us have been looking forward to the Autumn season, and cooler weather, tonight it's going to get downright chilly.  If you've been putting off turning your heat on, tonight may be the night you'll need it to keep the chill off of the house.


Protecting Plants During a Freeze Warning

If you have outdoor plants that you're wanting to make sure stay healthy, you may want to cover them.  Also if you have a garden and aren't sure which vegetables to cover, the Farmer's Almanac has a really handy guide to covering your plants to keep them as healthy as possible.

So if you see your neighbors draping sheets over their beloved plants, don't worry they aren't losing it, they're just protecting their plants.   One year we had an early freeze, and my entire landscaping was covered in sheets with buckets and bricks weighing them down.  It looked really funny, but my plants survived!


Freeze Warning from 10/17/2022 into 10/18/2022

The National Weather Service of Paducah has issued a freeze warning for most of the Tri-State area. Here is what the NWS has to say about the freeze warning:

Freeze warning remains in effect from 9PM this evening to 9 AM CDT Tuesday

What...Sub-freezing temperatures as low as 25 expected.

Where... Portions of southern Illinois, southwest Indiana, western Kentucky, and southeast Missouri.

When...From 9 PM this evening to 9 AM CDT Tuesday.

Impacts... Frost and freeze conditions could kill crops, other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing.  This will effectively end the growing season.

Precautionary/ Preparedness Actions...

Take steps now the protect tender plants from the cold.

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