When looking for great social media engagement posts for Facebook, any piece of content about pets is a sure winner. Why? Because most of us have pets and we love to brag about them. We also love to share the silly things they do.

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Recently, I wrote about a parrot from Illinois named, Merlin. This parrot has separation anxiety when he can't see his owner. So, Merlin will yell, Dad, until his dad comes back in the room and explain where he's been.

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After seeing that article, one of my longtime listeners and Facebook friend, Alan, messaged me to tell me that he had a bird, actually two birds, Leo and Ralph.

Ralph is a blue-headed Amazon, he was rescued from a hoarding case out of Columbus Ohio, a lady had over 600 birds and Leo is a standard Amazon parrot we got from an elderly couple on the west side who could no longer care for them. - Alan W.

Alam told me that Leo. like Merlin, also yelled a word that all could understand. Apparently, Leo will yell out for Papaw.

He sent me a video of it, but you can't see either parrot. The reason? Leo won't say anything if he sees that you are recording him. So, Alan had to make a hidden camera video. If you listen closely, you can hear Ralph on background vocals. LOL

Thank you, Alan and family, for sharing your funny and adorable birds with us.

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