Two words to describe this video: Visually stunning.


Now, as you may know, I am a BIG FAN of Papa Roach's first single off of their new album "HELP". I love "HELP". I get excited every time I hear it on the radio or when I play it on my iPod. LOVE IT.


That being said, "Periscope" is good...But it doesn't make me feel the things that "HELP" did. Maybe that's because it's a bit slower than I'm used to Papa Roach songs being. When I listen to the song I keep waiting for a big guitar riff or drum solo to kick in, and it never does.


Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just put "HELP" on too high of a pedestal and now I'm comparing "Periscope" to "HELP" too harshly.


Regardless of that fact, the video itself is visually stunning, as I said before.


Check out the video and see for yourself.



Papa Roach's new album "Crooked Teeth" is in stores now!

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