I Prevail released their album Trauma in 2019, and now they've joined with Grammy nominated rapper Joyner Lucas for an extremely powerful music video for the song DOA.

The song as well as the video really capture many of  the issues going on in America right now. Hard hitting issues such as police brutality, gun violence, homelessness, domestic violence, drug abuse, death, war, and several other important issues.  Hands down this is one of the most powerful videos I've seen in a long time. The lyrics also get the point across, one of the most powerful statements being when Eric Vanlerberghe screams "I can't breathe." Of course that line is even more powerful following the tragic death of George Floyd.

The video begins and ends with a simple, but powerful statement:

We can choose to flourish or die, whatever we choose, we will do it together."

The video is pretty graphic, and is not for everyone as there's many traumatic experiences depicted.  The video is powerful, and speaks volumes. I'll let the video do the talking.

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