Combat Juggling. Two words most of us would never put into the same sentence. In fact, I have never heard the phrase before sitting in a meeting this morning and our Regional Engineer made mention of it. When I asked what it was, he replied, "Google it. You won't be disappointed." And was he ever right!

I have fallen into a rabbit hole of YouTube videos of people competing in combat while juggling at the same time. It's part ballet, part acrobatics, part circus side show and 100% competition. According to the World Juggling Federation (WJF),

Combat Juggling integrates the skill of juggling three clubs into a team sport where team members must attack and destroy the opposing force’s ability to juggle. This is typically accomplished by throwing one of your own clubs up high allowing enough time to use the other two clubs to attack the airborne clubs of your opponent and then catching your club and resuming a 3 club juggle. There are a variety of different attack techniques and gameplay formats that allow for a multitude of strategies to be developed and implemented.

Here is some one on one action:


And here is some 5 on 5 team Combat Juggling.


This is one of the most obscenely bazaar things I've seen in a long time, but it is totally the distraction that we all need from the current state of the world. Keep an eye out for more "Pandemic Breaks" from us here at GBF.

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