According to former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee, one of heavy metal’s wildest stories never actually took place. Although it was depicted in Motley Crue’s The Dirt biopic, Lee swears Ozzy didn’t snort a line of ants.

One of the most famous gross-out contests reportedly saw Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue going dare for dare, ultimately ending with Osbourne lapping up a puddle of his own urine. However, the ant snorting tale has been the most enduring.

"I handed [Ozzy] the straw, and he walked over to a crack in the sidewalk and bent over it,” Sixx recalls in The Dirt. “I saw a long column of ants, marching to a little dugout built where the pavement met the dirt. And as I thought, 'No, he wouldn't,' he did. He put the straw to his nose and, with his bare white ass peeking out from under the dress like a sliced honeydew, sent the entire line of ants tickling up his nose with a single, monstrous snort.”

Ozzy doesn’t remember snorting ants, nor does he remember the entire 1984 tour with Motley Crue.

"I was there, and I never saw ants," Jake E. Lee told Tone-Talk. "I was right there. He snorted a little spider. There was a not a trail of fucking ants there. Tommy [Lee] says it, Nikki says it, Ozzy says it — they were fucked up. I was not. I was just trying to get a fucking sun tan. That's all I was doing. They were getting fucked up. Ozzy snorted a little tiny stupid spider that was crawling across. There was no ants — there was no fucking ants. I don't care what the other guys say — there was no ants."

Ozzy Osbourne is currently recovering from a serious injury, which caused metal rods in Ozzy’s body (placed there after a near-death ATV accident) to become dislodged.

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