This Valentine's Day, you can show your ex how you really feel about a very vengeful way.

The San Antonio Zoo is bringing back a promotion this year where they'll name a rat after your ex (which could be fitting for your ex). However, it doesn't stop there...they will actually feed that rat to a snake and other reptiles!

That's, creepy, yet satisfying for some out there. It will cost you $25 to buy the rat. Even if you don't live near the area, you can watch a live stream of the feeding on Valentine's Day. They're also doing one of those "name a cockroach after your ex" deals where they will feed the cockroach with your ex's name to the animals. That'll be $5 and live streamed as well. This year they have added a herbivore option, which might sound a little more humane to some. For $5, they will feed them to one of their vegetarian animals!

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I think the big selling point with this promotion is of course, feeding the rats to snakes. Now look, I am not one who is scared to admit that I am absolutely terrified of snakes. I find myself creeped out and interested by this promotion at the same time. Oh, and if you're worried about them feeding a live rat to these reptiles, these a pre-frozen rats.

But, if you're dying to take part in this, you can find out how to get a cockroach or a snake by clicking here.

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