One of my favorite things to do, I know it's going to sound crazy, is walking around a cemetery. It's an incredibly peaceful place to de-stress. Even at night, there is a beauty that is hypnotizing.

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We often take our granddaughter with us. If you're like her, you dance around the gravestones to make the spirits smile. The first time she started dancing, we asked her why? That is what she said.

I hope one day to take her to visit one of the most amazing cemetery statues I have ever seen. It's a monument to a wealthy Ohio family that cries black tears. I can't wait to see her try to make the statue smile.

The only thing is, some say the eyes of the statue not only cry but follow you as you walk by. That might freak her out a little. But, maybe not.

The Angel of Death, Victorious

Photo Credit: RyanJake Jakubowski/
Photo Credit: RyanJake Jakubowski/

The statue is one of the most photographed graveyard statues ever. It's magnificent in photos. I can only imagine how amazing it is in person.

The angel sits atop a monument grave of the prominent Cleveland family in Lakeview Cemetary. A Danish-born sculpture created a divine messenger of life and death through the beauty of this statue.

The Angel of Death Victorious was built for the Francis Haserot family by Herman Matzen, a sculptor from Detroit, MI, who studied art in Europe before settling in Cleveland for the remainder of his life, in 1924. The sculptor died in 1938 and was buried in the same cemetery that houses his famous, eerie sculpture.

Who was Francis Haserot?

 With a gravestone made of sculpted bronze, you know e was a very rich man. According to Tours of Cleveland,
Francis Henry Haserot was a businessman. His family emigrated from Germany in the 1830s and settled in Cleveland. Much of his business focused on canning as well as the importing and distribution of foods such as coffee and tea, pineapples and fruits from the Pacific coast.

Why is the Haserot Angel crying?

Photo Credit: RyanJake Jakubowski/
Photo Credit: RyanJake Jakubowski/
The stature's tears fascinate visitors to the cemetery. Atlas Obscura explains the reason behind its black tears.
The statue's most striking feature, however, is how death's guardian appears to be weeping black tears, which pour from her eyes and drip down her neck. These “tears” formed over time, an effect of the aging bronze combined with the impressive sculpting work of the piece itself.
Twitter has been obsessed with the statue for years.

The story of the Angel of Death. Victorious. Do her eyes really follow you?

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Many people visit the Lakeview Graveyard to see the angel statue in person. There are over 10,000 graves in the cemetery, but here is the exact location of this magnificent angel.

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