Oak Hill Elementary School recently had a corn bread drive for the Evansville Rescue Mission. The school’s goal was 500 boxes, and the stretch goal was 600 boxes. The drive wraps up today, and in one month, the students brought in over 1200 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix! The boxes will be dropped off for the Evansville Rescue Mission’s 97th annual Gobbler Gathering Thanksgiving food basket giveaway. Families in need will receive a 60-pound basket filled with delicious food for their Thanksgiving holiday. The Rescue Mission does have enough volunteers for the Gobbler Gathering, but you can always make a donation or help in other ways at EvansvilleRescueMission.org or call Victoria Flaherty, Volunteer/Community Relations Coordinator, at (812) 962-6708.

ERM will provide 22,916 meals by Thanksgiving.

Share a gift today to help even more of our Tri-State area’s less fortunate.

Each $2.93 meal you provide is SO MUCH MORE than a plate of food. It’s an opportunity for men and women to change their lives. To end their hunger. To put homelessness behind them. 

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