Admit it, you did a double take at the photo. Now you're slowly realizing, you were checking out a dude!

For those guys who are jealous of all the frilly things their wives or girlfriends bring home from Victoria's Secret, now they have a place of their own.

HommeMystere is the place where you can buy some, ahem, unique items. I'm glad they didn't go with "Victor's Secret", which sounds like a place pedophiles shop.

It took awhile for me to find photos that didn't make me feel uncomfortable. But I imagine that statistically there are few guys who might get in to this stuff.

Personally, I don't think male "down below sweat funk" and lace goes together. But what do I know (except that baby powder works wonders during the summer).

If you are brave enough, secure in your masculinity, and know how to clear your browser's web history check out the HommeMystere website. Just let me warn you about the "C-string".

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