I can't decide if this is pure laziness, genius, or maybe a little of both.

I'll admit, I am just as guilty of everyone else when it comes to not untying my shoes before putting them on. You know the routine, you hold the front and/or back of your shoes and slide them on. Sometimes the back of the shoe will slide under your foot , so you slide your foot out and try again. All in hopes of not having to mess with your shoestrings.

Nike has come up with a new shoe that will help make that process easier. The new GO FlyEase sneakers are being dubbed "hands-free" shoes. They don't have any shoe laces at all, and the shoe itself is unlike any shoe we have seen before. It kind of comes a part to make it easier to slide on and off without the use of your hands. The shoe features a band that goes around the heel that allows the shoe to stay in its open or closed positions and prevent it from falling apart.

The Nike Go FlyEase currently comes in three different colors. I got to be honest, I'm not too crazy about the color schemes, so I doubt that I will be jumping at the bit to buy a pair. However, if they add some more color schemes, I might because it, in all honesty, looks like a shoe that I would wear.

These new shoes are set to release for select Nike members for $120 on February 15. Nike says that a wider release takes place later this year. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sneak peak of these shoes.

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