Lynn Renne of Newburgh needs your help. She's trying to track down the woman she captured in a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

After last Sunday's rain came through the area, Lynn spotted a rainbow arching over Newburgh's riverfront. Like most of us do when we see a rainbow, she grabbed her camera to snap a photo to share on social media. But unlike most rainbow photos, she captured something more.

As you can see in the picture above, and the unedited version below, she managed to catch another rainbow admirer being bathed in its light. By the time she realized what she had managed to capture, the woman was gone.

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Lynn Renne
Lynn Renne

If you look closely, it seems the woman is literally standing at the end of the rainbow, although I don't see a pot of gold. Maybe she's the pot of gold? Or maybe she's a leprechaun? That's probably not it. By the looks of the t-shirt and shorts, she was someone like Lynn who wanted to get a better look at one of nature's beautiful light shows.

Lynn shared the photo in a private Facebook group for Newburgh residents that I'm also a member of, hoping someone in the group would know who this person is. Lynn would like to give her a copy of the picture. She says the photo was taken late in the afternoon on Sunday, October 3rd. Unfortunately, she's had no luck yet, but was nice enough to let me share the picture here in an effort to "widen the net," so to speak, and see if maybe you know who she is (maybe it is you) and how Lynn can get in contact with her/you.

If there's anything you might know that can help Lynn track this person down, reach out to her on Facebook.

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