Murder House Flip is the latest home renovation show, and it's definitely a different idea.

Murder House Flip is exactly what it sounds like.  A group of experts take a house where some tragic things have happened, and renovate it.  According to the show will feature a mix of forensic science specialists, spiritual healers, and renovation experts. They will come together and use their expertise to expose the history of the home, while updating it, to make it livable again.

I feel like the show will really make us question if we could live in a place where such gruesome events took place.  Sure that may be my dream home, and who can refuse a beautifully renovated home, but will a shiny new exterior be enough to cover the dark past?  I personally am on the fence on whether I could live in a place like that or not. I guess I'll just have to wait, watch the show and see for myself!

The show drops April 6th on a new streaming service called Quibi.  Quibi is a brand new streaming service that will launch on April 6th. They will host content that is 10 minutes or less.

So far there hasn't been a trailer released for Murder House Flip, but when it drops, I'll be waiting!

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