In 2001, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He didn't need a long briefing on what the disease entailed - his mother also suffered from Parkinson's. But, knowing what it was and navigating it successfully was totally different. Back then, there were not a lot of groups that helped Parkinson's patients. Today, several people are working to change that. And, coming to Evansville this September is PD SELF. PD SELF empowers the newly diagnosed to bring back normalcy to their lives by introducing them to self-efficacy tools so they can manage the disease successfully.

The PD SELF (Self-Efficacy Learning Forum) eight-module, eight-month Parkinson's disease management program that gives people the power to manage their Parkinson’s disease (PD). This program offers the motivation, information, skills, behaviors and philosophical construct to give people with PD improved quality of life. Who is eligible? People with Parkinson’s and their care partners within three years of diagnosis who can commit to an eight-session program. Meetings held at Deaconess Gateway Hospital conference room in Newburgh, IN. Registration is required for first meeting on September 8th.

Here's a little more info about PD SELF:

What is PD SELF? A national program of the ProjectSpark Foundation that provides recently diagnosed people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) an in-depth understanding of the disease and the self-efficacy tools to manage it with confidence.

Who is eligible? People with Parkinson’s and their care partners, within three years of diagnosis, who can commit to an eight-session program.

What is self-efficacy? The ability to have influence over the conditions that affect our lives. A scientifically-based approach that is effective in helping people with Parkinson’s to develop the motivation and skills to manage PD.

Who delivers the program? A health care professional and a person with Parkinson’s both trained in self-efficacy for Parkinson’s.

How often does it meet? Beginning September 8, 2018, this program will meet from 9am to 12pm, once a month, over an eight-month period of time.  All programs will be hosted at the Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh, IN.

2018/2019 Program Schedule:

September 8, 2018       – Adapting to PD

October 6, 2018            – Acquiring Self – Efficacy

November 10, 2018      - Benefiting from Exercise & Neuroplasticity

December 8, 2018        - Understanding PD Medications & Treatments

January 5, 2019            - Understanding Non motor Symptoms

February 9, 2019           - Creating Your Personal Health Care Network

March 9, 2019               - Strengthening the Relationship PWP & Care Partner

April 6, 2019                  - Going Forward

Learn more about the PD SELF Program—contact your local facilitators or visit

PD SELF Evansville:

Janice Hatler, BSN, RN
Scott Bergen

There is no cost to attend this program, and online registration is required. For more information, please go to


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