Back in September of 2019 it was announced that Just Cookies in Washington Square Mall was for sale. Unfortunately in January of 2021 Just cookies closed their doors for good after over 30 years of business in Evansville.

On January 17th, Just Cookies posted the following to Facebook:

Just Cookies is closed. For sale until pandemic is over.If the pandemic ever ends and it hasn't sold then I will reopen.


The latest update looks as if Just Cookies has closed for good.  I will definitely miss the Just Cookies iced cookies. They were a staple every time I would run by Washington Square Mall.   Evansville 411 recently posted that a new business is slated to take over the Just Cookies spot in Washington Square Mall, The Good Brownie.  It seems as if that location is staying sweet! The Good Brownie Facebook page doesn't have much on it, but it does say this about the new business:

Nourish your Body with the most delicious international baked items, gourmet coffees, healthy sandwiches and more.


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As of right now no opening date has been announced. It will definitely be interesting to see what they serve up! It's bittersweet to see Just Cookies closed for good, but it's exciting to see something new in the old mall as well.  When I was a kid Washington Square Mall was hopping! It's sad to see it now, but times certainly have changed.  Hopefully a new business will breathe some new life into the mall.

If you're interested in following along with The Good Brownie's updates you can follow their Facebook page here.  And to keep up with different developments in Evansville, the Evansville 411 Facebook page is always sharing great info about Evansville as well!


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