With the recent news that Brian Johnson is allegedly back in AC/DC, the latest report is that AC/DC's new album is finished and will feature pre-recorded riffs from the late Malcolm Young.

Radio personality Eddie Trunk recently discussed his knowledge of AC/DC's current endeavors with a listener on SiriusXM Volume, stating that he has a "very well-placed, reliable source" who updated him on the band. "He told me to his knowledge, the album is, like you said, done, that they went to that studio in Canada and made this record," he says. Trunk then addresses the speculation of the record implementing Malcolm Young's riffs as being true, and refers to it as a tribute to the guitarist. He continues, "Malcolm had a bunch of stuff recorded that they worked off of and sort of incorporated into the record."

Trunk adds that the source told him he does not have any further details about how and when they will go about releasing it, however as of now there are no plans for a tour. Listen to Trunk's recording below.

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose filled in for Johnson on vocals on the group's 2016 tour when Johnson's hearing ailment prevented him from continuing. "If they want me in, I'm in," Rose later said in a 2016 interview, but there is no confirmation whether he will sing for them if they decide to tour in support of the new album.

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