A special bond is typically formed between the members of a band, but especially when those members are actually related by blood. In a tribute video to the late Malcolm Young, AC/DC's Angus Young and Brian Johnson spoke about the guitarist's attitude and say they are confident that he'd be proud of their upcoming album Power Up.

"I know Mal's not with us anymore," Young began. "But he's there with us in spirit. This band was his baby, his life. He was always one... 'You keep going.'"

"He would've been proud of this," Johnson chimed in, pointing at the deluxe edition of the band's new Power Up album.

"His big line, every now and again he'd go, 'If you're a musician, it's a bit like being on the Titanic,'" the guitarist laughed. "The band goes down with the ship. That's how he viewed it."

Young called the upcoming album a tribute to his brother and discussed how the name relates to his legacy in a recent interview with USA Today. "Even the title we give it, Power Up, pretty much sums him up, too. When he put on that guitar, he was one big guitar. To put it this way — when he played guitar, it sounded like there were two people playing."

Malcolm Young had written a ton of guitar riffs prior to his death in 2017, and they're being used on Power Up. Therefore, he's credited as a co-writer on every track on the album. The record, which you can pre-order here, will be out Nov. 13.

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