Candy corn is the most debated Halloween candy of all time. You either like it or you HATE it. However, even if you do like it, you might not after reading this.

Every year, people on social media debate on whether or not candy corn is gross or not. It's one of those debates where there is no in-between. You either like it or you don't. It seems like the majority of people don't like candy corn. However, if everyone hates them so much, why are they still a popular candy during this time of year? I'll admit, I am one of those who actually do like candy corn...but I just found something out about candy corn that might make me think twice about eating it.

Candy Corn is Made with Bugs!

You read that correctly, candy corn contains a secret ingredient that NO ONE wants to eat. Bugs!

If you were to look at the ingredients on the back of a package of candy corn, you'll see "confectioner's glaze"  and "gelatin" listed on there. According to USA Today, gelatin (yes, like Jello gelatin) is made with animal hides and bones. That's not nearly as concerning to folks as much as what confectioner's glaze is made out of. Confectioner's glaze is also known as shellac, which is made from lac-resin.  Brace yourself here, lac-resin is actually a bug secretion.

Gross right? So, the lac bug is a parasite that secretes a waxy waterproof coating to protect itself. These secretions are scraped away from plants, and some of those bugs are scraped away too.

It's Not Just Candy Corn Though...

USA Today goes on to explain that lac-resin is actually not that uncommon in foods. You'll see "confectioner's glaze" or "pure food glaze"  on a lot of things that you love. The lac coating is commonly used in gum and other shiny candies such as jelly beans, Milk Duds, and Whoppers. Plus it helps create the glossy coating on several pills, citrus fruits, and cosmetics.

So, if you don't like candy corn, and reading about how bugs are found in there makes you hate them even more, you should probably reconsider the other candies that you enjoy that are also made with the same ingredients.

(H/T- USA Today)

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