There are several different theories regarding the origin of Valentine's Day. History tells us there was an actual St. Valentine (perhaps even several), and the holiday we celebrate could be in celebration of that person. I would argue that the Valentine's Day we have all come to know has absolutely nothing to do with any historical figure, but instead, has everything to do with the almighty dollar.  'Tis the season for cards, teddy bears, flowers...and CANDY.

When I think of Valentine's Day candy, the first things that comes to mind is a big heart-shaped box of chocolates. I reckon the next V-Day candy I think of is Conversation Hearts, you know, those yucky little heart-shaped pieces of chalk with cute sayings on them? What other kinds of Valentine's Day candy are there, and what's your go-to? What's the most popular V-Day candy in your state? You probably haven't given that last question very much thought, but the folks at have. They used Google Trends to determine the most popular candy for each state. According to Zippia "we defined Valentine’s Day candy as candies that peaked in search volume for the big day. From there, we determined what candy is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state."

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Looks like Indiana is keeping it pretty traditional with the old school Hersey Kiss. Kentucky has the second most popular V-Day candy, chocolate roses. And Illinois just had to get all fancy, smancy with their chocolate covered strawberries. Actually, those strawberries are the most popular V-Day treat in the entire country. I was kind of surprised to see the results for California - candy necklaces. And life in Maine must be pretty miserable is the most popular V-Day candy is those doggone Conversation Hearts.

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