This is a week to recognize the hard work by our emergency medical professionals! 

Sam C.
Sam C.

This week is National EMS week, and in the Tri-State we are lucky to have many EMS professionals, who do great work keeping us safe!  The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians declared that National EMS Weeks 2019's theme is "Beyond the Call."

My husband (he's going to hate that I'm calling him out, sorry Sam!) is a Paramedic in Evansville, and I'm very proud of him!  Because of his job, I know there are many times our local EMS go above and "beyond the call" and don't get highlighted for it.

So I just wanted to take a moment to highlight our local EMS, and extend a thank you to our wonderful EMS professionals in the Tri-State who work  around the clock, holidays, and weekends in the Tri-State to keep us all a little bit safer!

Each year the White House shares a proclamation for National EMS Week, and I think these words ring true:

In every circumstance, and in crises where every second counts, EMS providers demonstrate courage and devotion to saving lives.  They protect the health and safety of others with unmatched skill and extraordinary resolve.  This month, and always, we express our endless gratitude and respect to the fine men and women of our country’s EMS agencies for their continued commitment to excellence in emergency care.


You can read the entire proclamation, here!

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