Last night Facebook and EvansvilleWatch were full or reports about a mysterious boom that residents heard last night. However, my mistress Benadryll and I, were away in dream-land and I missed it. 

According to a commentor on my Facebook page, the boom was heard around midnight last night. Some people reported that it sounded like a large explosion. There were numerous calls to 911.

Police officers and fire crews were summoned, and they searched for the cause of the noise. However, they were unable to figure out what the cause was.

In a post on the EvansvilleWatch Facebook page, most commentors heard the sound on the East side of Evansville and in Newburgh. They also had their fair share of theories including blast mining (the only local coal mine reported they can't blast overnight) and a military training exercise (the Air Force said they weren't running operations).

However "mysterious booms" have been reported all across the country, all the way from Arizona to Rhode Island. The most recent report happened 4 days ago in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

One theory is that the booms have something to do with tetonic plates under the Earth's surface (if you didn't pay attention in science class, Google it). The boom may be a small Earthquake that isn't powerful enough to register.

When I was a sophomore at Reitz High School, we had a small earthquake in December (this may have been 2000 or 2001). I remember hearing a loud boom before the building started rumbling. Considering Reitz's distance to the Howell Train Yards, I thought a train had derailed.

And to help you sleep a little easier tonight, there were reports of loud booms being heard before the 1812 New Madrid earthquake. The New Madrid fault is the one that is often blamed for earthquake activity in the Tri-State Area. The 1812 quake was so powerful that it rang chruch bells in Boston. It also caused rivers to flow backwards and sand to shoot out of the ground.

So what do you think the loud boom was last night? Was Taco Bell running a burrito special? Or should we prepare for the alien/zombie attack to come?