Rocker Rob Zombie seems to be just like the rest of us. He wants to live in a nice neighborhood in Connecticut and for those darn skateboards to quiet down!

It seems that recently Rob Zombie and his wife (lovingly referred as 'The Zombies' by neighbors) have been annoyed by the noise coming from a skate park that was constructed by their home.

The $53,000 skate park came about after a year of planning and fundraising by parents and children. However the Zombies say that the noise coming off the skate park is hindering the quality of life in their neighborhood.

The former White Zombie frontman and movie director, lives with his wife in a town with about 10,000 people known for antiquing. Because that is totally the place I imagined the Zombies living. I could just see Rob Zombie spending a Sunday afternoon in his best Ralph Lauren polo with khaki shorts, shopping for antiques, and ending up at Bed Bath and Beyond (only if he has time).

Zombie has taken to his Facebook page to say that he isn't against the skaters, he is just trying to find a solution for all the noise.


Town officials have said that the Zombies don't want to remove the park, but they are interested in methods that will dampen the noise. Or maybe moving the park altogether.

Maybe Rob Zombie can sell his house to one of those Jackass guys.