Myriad Brewing Company is an Evansville-based brewery that serves up delicious, locally brewed beer, they've now opened a second location that brews more than just beer!

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Brewing More Than Beer

While Myriad Brewing Company is known for serving up a delicious variety of brewed beer, their Newburgh tap house location will be brewing up something a little different, coffee.  Their Newburgh location was recently opened, and Myriad has since announced on Facebook that their coffee house is officially up and running.

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Myriad Brewing Company's Coffee House

Of course, you can still enjoy a locally brewed beer at Myriad's Newburgh location, but if it's 7 in the morning, you may be looking for something with a little more caffeine.  On Facebook, Myriad Brewing Company said that their coffee house in Newburgh will be open 7 days a week from 7 AM to 5 PM.  They'll be serving up several types of lattes with house-made syrups too!

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A Growing Town

I actually grew up in Newburgh, and it truly amazes me how much Newburgh has grown over the years. Even since I graduated high school a little over a decade ago, it's mind-boggling how much they've done, and how much Newburgh has grown.  I'm excited to hear not only is Newburgh getting another place to enjoy locally brewed beer but also that Myriad has had so much success that they're able to open a second location in the tri-state. That's awesome! It's truly a testament to how delicious their locally brewed beers are.

Congratulations on the opening of your new coffee house and second taproom Myriad!

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