I've been waiting for these little guys for forever! So glad their finally here!

I'm not a huge Pop Figure collector, but I am one of those people that, if I see a figure of a tv or movie character I like, I'm going to get it.

Same goes for rock artists. Which have slowly but surely been gaining more popularity as Pop Figures throughout the years. (She said staring lovingly at her Kurt Cobain POP on her desk...)

Anyway, my point is: MOTLEY CRUE POPS ARE FINALLY HERE. They were announced back in February, but are now finally available in stores.

I know that Secret Headquarters and the Westside Game Stop have them. And Hot Topic has them on their website, but I haven't heard if we actually have them in our local store.

If you'd like to order them, feel free.

But why wait for them to be delivered, when they're right here??

Greg Wilkins
Greg Wilkins

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